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A stylized body of modern art & photography by contemporary photographer, William Josephs Radford. In the interest of provoking a reaction, the sugestive works aim to challange artistic concepts and conventions. The vision being to make a statement with my work, and break boundaries through the medium.

A vine of purple trumpet flowers, completely covering a fence. This photograph conveys suffocation, anxiety, restriction, and entrapment.

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I have always enjoyed the surreal aspect of photography. When I started as a teenager I would remove ordinary household furniture from their immediate environment, by placing them into obscure surroundings. The lounge armchair in a river, the kitchen rocking chair on top of a mountain. Further developing this interest in the unusual, my recent work continues to follow this path. Whilst attempting to dissect some sensitive topics of our generation. Including; Gender identity, voyeurism and religion.

The story of:

William Joe Josephs Radford (Born 23rd August, 1998) is a photographer and artist who is beginning to make a name for himself. Raised in rural AndalucĂ­a, Spain, Radford has been exposed to the arts from an early age.

Born into an unconventional and exciting environment, William could draw before he could walk and was rarely seen at his local village school without a pencil in his hand.

Developing a fascination for cameras at the age of 15, he later attended the University of Gloucestershire to study fine art photography, from which he gratuated in a Vogue-esque fashion. The young artist ditched his cape and gown for an attire completely made of bin bags. That’s right! he wore bin bags to his graduation ceremony!

The publicity stunt went viral, reaching over 1.7 Billion people globally.

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A one man operation run by myself – William Josephs Radford. An experimental artist with over 8 years experience in commercial, portarit, and fine art photography.

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