The childhood of a contemporary photographer

For his latest project (Character building), William Radford revisited his childhood home, in an attempt to shed light on the surroundings that shaped his adolescence. Taken over the course of 3 years, the series explores the notions of childhood memories and the role the environment plays. To evoke such surreal tones Radford uses a combination of the on-camera flash, with coloured gels. Not only does this technique induce a dreamlike quality to the project, it also suggests the artist had a colourful childhood.

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Beautiful photograph of the Church in Alhourin el grande. The picture is taken at twilight, using the camera flash to light the flowers in the foreground.

300 Magazine

One of the basic functions of art is to call long-established rules and canons into question. Providing new ground for development. By devoting their time and effort to address social problems, contemporary artists challenge audiences and viewpoints. One look at the conceptual photographs by William Josephs Radford is enough to say that, his fine art photography is a striking example of how art should both bewilder and inspire the viewer.

William Josephs Radford’s fine art photography is a unique blend of singular experience and unique techniques, that the contemporary artist uses in his work. Light painting, styled hip-firing, and color flash gels are only some of the many tools and photographic techniques implemented by the talented young photographer.

What is even more important is the effect that Radford’s art exerts on people. The entire idea of his photography is to provoke a reaction. Making the audience look at things from a different perspective. The artist usually covers different hot topics, including religion, sex, gender identity, and voyeurism. Such a choice is explained by the desire to give a new meaning to art and help it progress further.

If you want to explore William Josephs Radford’s fine art photography more thoroughly. You might want to start with his latest art project, “Character Building”. Where the artist revisits his childhood home in Andalucia and decodes the past memories. This amazing series of photographs, created with an on-camera flash and colored gels. Offering a subtle atmosphere of nostalgia you are sure to love.