William Josephs Radford was born on August 23, 1998, in the picturesque countryside of rural Andalucía, Spain. Growing up in this raw and rustic environment, Radford’s childhood was characterized by a unique blend of natural beauty and creative curiosity. His early years were filled with adventures, from stick fights to bonfires and even bottle bombs, all within the scenic backdrop of rural Spain.

From an early age, Radford displayed a remarkable artistic talent that set him apart from his peers. He was often seen with a pencil in hand during his time at the local village school, where his early doodles hinted at the creative journey that lay ahead. This innate artistic curiosity and passion for self-expression would eventually become the driving force behind his career as a fine art photographer.

It was during his formative years in rural Andalucía that Radford’s fascination with photography was sparked. At the tender age of 15, he acquired his first camera, a momentous decision that would forever alter the course of his life. From that point forward, his camera became his constant companion, capturing the essence of his surroundings and the people who inhabited them.

Eager to refine his skills and expand his artistic horizons, Radford made a significant decision to pursue formal education in the realm of fine art photography. This marked a pivotal turning point in his artistic journey as he left the tranquil landscapes of Andalucía behind and embarked on a transformative path that would ultimately lead him to the University of Gloucestershire in the United Kingdom.

Artistic Style and Philosophy:

At the core of Radford’s work is a distinct and thought-provoking artistic style characterized by striking compositions and subject matters that challenge conventional thought processes. He is an artist unafraid of pushing boundaries, both artistically and intellectually, and his work reflects this fearless exploration.

One of Radford’s signature techniques is light painting, a meticulous craft that involves layered light and long exposures. Through this technique, he skillfully employs color to engage with his subjects and create captivating visual narratives. His mastery of light allows him to craft scenes that are not only aesthetically captivating but also conceptually profound.

Notable Achievements

Radford’s artistic endeavors have not gone unnoticed. His series titled “DEFLOWERED” garnered significant attention and acclaim, earning a nomination for the Boynes award in 2023. This recognition solidified his place in the contemporary art scene and marked a milestone in his burgeoning career. His work was further recognized with a nomination at the Refocus awards in the same year.

In addition, Radford’s series “DEFLOWERED” also received a nomination at the 9th Fine Art Photography Awards in 2023, a testament to his ability to captivate audiences with his thought-provoking imagery. His talent was acknowledged when he was selected as an “Artist to Watch” by the Artist Database in 2022, an honor that underscored his growing reputation within the art world.

Radford’s artistic achievements extended to the literary world as well, with his work featured in publications such as “VOL3/ 101 contemporary artists and more” and “Photography in the Visual Culture 2.” These accomplishments reflect Radford’s multidimensional impact on the art and photography spheres.

Inspirations and Influences:

Radford’s artistic vision is shaped by a deep and abiding fascination with transgressive art movements. He draws inspiration from artists and creators who have boldly rejected prior definitions of art in their quest for creative expression. Influential figures such as Andress Serrano, Sophie Calle, and Sally Mann have left an indelible mark on his artistic sensibilities and continue to inform the direction of his work.

Long-Term Artistic Goals:

Looking ahead, Radford’s long-term artistic goals are marked by a commitment to continued growth and exploration. He aspires to challenge conventional thinking and create work that leaves a lasting impact. To achieve this, he plans to experiment with new techniques, embrace innovation, and remain open to learning. Radford’s artistic journey is an ongoing evolution, and he intends to constantly improve and evolve as an artist, pushing the boundaries of his own creativity and inspiring others to do the same.


In the world of contemporary photography, William Josephs Radford stands as a boundary-pusher, a fearless explorer of artistic frontiers, and a thought-provoking artist who challenges societal norms through his work. His art transcends traditional boundaries, evoking emotions, provoking thoughts, and sparking meaningful conversations. With every click of the camera shutter, Radford propels himself and his audience into uncharted territory, redefining the power of artistic expression and leaving an indelible mark on the world of fine art photography.


Born in Marbella, Spain.

Fell in love with cameras at a young age, and decided to completely change my field of study. Dithching Science and Biology for an art degree.

Graduated from the Fine Art Baccalaureate with outstanding grades, whilst pursuing photography with a fierce passion.

Travelled Australia for 6 months, before being accepted at the University of Gloucestershire to study Fine-art Photography.

After graduating with a first class degree I continued to explore the artform, constantly falling deeper in love with it.

Gained recognition from the likes of Harper’s Magazine, Saatchi Art, The 7th Fine art photography awards, F-Stop Magazine, Medium, and many more.

Won Artjobs’ artist of the month, got featured on the inner front cover of Al-tiba9 Magazine, Sold my first original artwork.

Seeking out new and exciting opportunities!