Graffiti tags are not merely acts of vandalism; they are a form of visual communication that has evolved into an urban art form. They are a means of expression for individuals and groups that have been marginalized and excluded from mainstream society. Through the lens of my camera, I aim to capture the raw energy, creativity, and emotions that these tags represent.

Each photograph in Modern Glyphs is a unique glimpse into the complex and ever-changing world of graffiti culture. From the bold and colorful tags that cover entire walls, to the subtle and intricate designs that are hidden in plain sight, this series is a celebration of the diversity and richness of this art form.

Through Modern Glyphs, I hope to challenge the conventional notions of art and beauty, and to inspire viewers to appreciate the raw creativity and vitality of graffiti tags. Ultimately, I believe that this project offers a powerful reminder that art can be found in the most unexpected places, and that beauty can be found in even the most seemingly mundane aspects of our daily lives.