Conducted from 2018 to 2023, the series focuses on the process of catching a flight. From check-in to duty free, I have documented each stage of the journey from a passengers perspective. It’s also worth mentioning that the whole series was shot from the hip without looking through the viewfinder. This was especially important during security checks and on board, as I did not want to draw attention to myself or cause problems.

Through the deliberate fusion of two distinct realities, I delve into the depths of meaning and form. Using the inherent capabilities of my camera, I create natural and authentic compositions without post-production manipulation. Each photograph captures moments from my travels in Bulgaria, inviting you to step into my perspective and witness the layers of experience. By skillfully employing signs, symbols, and contrasts, I achieve a balanced harmony between perspectives and negative space. “Merging Moments” showcases the potential of double exposures, reminding us of the power of diverse perspectives in perceiving the world. Join me on this captivating journey through overlapping realities, where new insights and appreciation await.

This photography project uses double exposures to compare and contrast vivid moments and emphasize the lasting impressions they leave. The resulting photographs overlap in an aesthetic manner to communicate the significance of certain experiences.

Sun, Sand & Salesmen is a documentary photography project that delves deep into the vibrant and colorful world of Spanish beaches. Through this project, I aim to capture the essence of these beautiful, bustling, and sometimes chaotic coastal areas, from the people who flock to them for leisure and pleasure, to the salesmen who make a living by catering to their needs.

Graffiti tags are not merely acts of vandalism; they are a form of visual communication that has evolved into an urban art form. They are a means of expression for individuals and groups that have been marginalized and excluded from mainstream society. Through the lens of my camera, I aim to capture the raw energy, creativity, and emotions that these tags represent.

Door to door

Documentary Project

Loosely inspired by Shizuka Yokomizo’s – Dear Stranger. The project was originally conceived as a method to describe a sitter through their environment.