Creative fine art photography

I have always been drawn to natural forms, finding a lot of artistic inspiration in the details of life.

This project is a visual and aesthetic exploration through a macro lens, paying close attention to the repetition within. This is one of my earliest projects and takes on a classic, minimalist approach to unveil the hidden wonders of the natural world. Each subject is photographed using a technique called “light painting”, a method which I have subsequently used in later projects.

A single feather is captured against a neutral grey background, the overall aesthetic and appeal is very soft.
Two feathers are weaved together in a stunning display of aesthetic beauty.
Contemporary fine art photography, which explores natural form & beauty.
A macro shot of an amethyst crystal cave.
A semi-translucent slice of agat is light from behind, revealing the inner layers and textures.
Brown feathers are layered to create a screen, shadows and light demonstrate the shape of each plume.
Flakes of crystal reflect multi-colour light.
Wonderful shot of an agat slice, backlit to show off its inner beauty.
An amonite fossil photographed with harsh lighting, in orfer to demonstrate the spiral within.
Incredible macro photo of brain coral, filled with textures and natural shapes.
Coral from the great barrier reef, captured in a beatiful light.
Shards of natural crystal, photographed by contemporary photographer William Josephs Radford.

Natural forms photography