William Josephs Radford

William Joe Josephs Radford (Born 23rd August 1998) is an up-and-coming contemporary photographer and artist, raised in the raw countryside of rural Andalucía, Spain. ​ Born into an unconventional and exciting environment, William could draw before he could walk and be rarely seen at his local village school without a pencil in his hand. Developing a fascination for cameras at the age of 15, he later attended the University of Gloucestershire to study fine art photography. Recently being nominated for The 7th Fine Art Photography Awards, for his 'Character Building' series which explores the topic of his peculiar childhood. Inspired by the transgression of Épater la bourgeoisie, Radford's Striking compositions and subject matters aim to challenge his audience, drawing on semantic values and visual signifiers in order to explore controversial themes. Favoring a light-painting technique, Radford painstakingly layers light throughout long exposures to capture the majority of his constructed scenes. Adroitly employing color to further engage with a topic. His first exhibition was well received in the town hall of Monda, 2016, and he has since gone on to exhibit his thought-provoking work in a variety of International Galleries and Magazines, leading him to become a member of the asociación de creadores.

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