Double exposure photography

Beautiful artwork of block building in Bulgaria, taken at sunset, fine art shippers article.
Pink thistles against a cloudy sky. The thistles are pink from a colour gel, which is hand-held in front of the on camera flash.

Character Building

Fine art Photography Project

For his latest project, William revisited his childhood home in an attempt to shed light on the surroundings that shaped his adolescence. Taken over the course of 3 years, the series explores the notions of childhood memories and the role the environment plays.

Family Matters

Conceptual Photography Project

Originally intended as a statement against the idealised family album. The concept derived from the desire to do family portraiture without conforming with the ‘happy family’ aesthetic. The tights serve to distance, distort and discomfort familiar faces, replacing white shirts and smiles with stockings and a frown. ​The series has since evolved to also reflect on the ‘strangers’ in my family. The members which fall into a limbo between stranger and familiar. Whether its a third cousin twice removed, that weird uncle you met at a wedding once, or the members which live on in photographs.

Mile High Club

Documentary photography

Conducted from 2018 to 2020, the series focuses on the process of catching a flight. From check-in to duty free, I have documented each stage of the journey from a passengers perspective. It’s also worth mentioning that the whole series was shot from the hip without looking through the viewfinder. This was especially important during security checks and on board, as I did not want to draw attention to myself or cause problems.


Fine art Photography

A visual metaphor for the psychological exchange many perform when quitting a bad habit, smoking in this case.

Holy Smokes

Fine art Photography

Still a work in progress, I cultivated these images to suggest a similarity between Smoking and Religion. Through this visual tension I hope to compare and contrast any resemblances. Such as; Cause of death, Advertising, Subscription and Lifestyle.


Conceptual Photography

Addressing inanimate objects as masculine, feminine or neuter, approximately one-quarter of the world’s languages use a noun class system where all nouns inherently carry a gender.​Objectification explores this correlation between grammatical gender and article visually, reflecting on an item’s semantic value in order to challenge its sex.

Dirty Dishes

Documentary Project

An homage to the taste and flavour, instead of aesthetic qualities. Food has always been a status symbol, but contemporary culture appears to have confused aesthetic values for nutrition. Social media promotes the feeding of our eyes, rather than stomachs.​Intended as a statement against the way social media has influenced our eating habits. The premise of this series is to prioritise the enjoyment of a meal, over the announcement of said meal.

Foreign Landscapes

Macro Photography Series

The ever-present seeds of these landscapes settle everywhere we look; only when the conditions are right do these, flourish. Having documented a variety of left overs, these hidden worlds provide an unsettling juxtaposition between disgust and attraction. As growths feed off the neglected nutrients to thrive, intricate structures start to form. My aim with this project is to find beauty in the repulsive, exploring the anti-aesthetic to challenge the notion of visual allure.

Door to door

Documentary Project

Loosely inspired by Shizuka Yokomizo’s – Dear Stranger. The project was originally conceived as a method to describe a sitter through their environment.

Natural Form

Fine art Photography

A brief exploration of natural structures, through a macro lens. Paying close attention to the repetition within.