“Exposed” is an innovative and thought-provoking project that merges nudity and the aesthetics of white paintings, pushing the boundaries of representation and challenging traditional artistic norms. Inspired by renowned painters such as Robert Ryman, Kazimir Malevich, and Agnes Martin, this project serves as a photographic counterpart, delving into abstraction, minimalism, and the evocative power of white.

To create these artworks the artist placed the flowers in a dark room with the camera set to a long exposure, then he proceeded to light them with a phone screen which was playing pornographic content. The carnal colors and erotic scenes are reflected in the floral arangements, creating a stark contrast between concept and composition.

William revisited his childhood home to shed light on the surroundings that shaped his adolescence. He took photos over three years to explore the notions of childhood memories and the role the environment plays.

This photography series was created to challenge the traditional ideal of the “happy family” album, using tights to distort and discomfort familiar faces. The project has evolved to include reflection on the “strangers” in the artist’s family who fall into a limbo between familiar and unknown, including distant relatives and those who only exist in photographs.

I cultivated these images to suggest a similarity between smoking and religion, still a work in progress. Through this visual tension, I hope to compare and contrast any resemblances, such as cause of death, advertising, subscription, and lifestyle.

Approximately one-quarter of the world’s languages use a noun class system where all nouns inherently carry a gender, addressing inanimate objects as masculine, feminine, or neuter. “Objectification” explores this correlation between grammatical gender and article visually, reflecting on an item’s semantic value in order to challenge its sex.

A visual metaphor for the psychological exchange many perform when quitting a bad habit, smoking in this case.

This photography series pays homage to the taste and flavor of food rather than its aesthetic appeal, challenging the contemporary confusion of aesthetic values with nutrition. The project makes a statement against the impact of social media on our eating habits, prioritizing the enjoyment of a meal over the need to announce it on social media.

This photography project finds beauty in neglected landscapes and their growths, challenging the conventional notion of visual allure. The images present an unsettling contrast between disgust and attraction.

A brief exploration of natural structures, through a macro lens. Paying close attention to the repetition within.