Double exposure photography

After being with my partner for over three and a half years we finally visited Bulgaria together, to meet her family for the very first time. Subsequently, This project is about that trip, during the summer of 2022. Moreover, It is about getting to know the people and places that she grew up around, it’s about moments of exploration captured between moments of connection. In essence, the project is an extension of our relationship. As partners, in addition to, as friends, and lovers, or even explorers.
In conclusion, the series uses double exposures to visually compare and contrast these vivid moments. Above all, to underline the impressions they leave on us. Some experiences are more significant than others leaving a deeper impression. I wanted to communicate this through the works, as a result, creating photographs which overlap in an interesting and aesthetic manner.
Neon lights in Bulgaria, this photograph captures a night club in Sophia, the artist uses a double exposure to create this image.

300 Magazine

For example, What will happen if you mix two realities that bear different meanings and convey different forms? You might find the answer in the new series of double exposures “Merging Moments”. Likewise,  Created by the Spanish photographer and artist William Josephs Radford. Certainly, as the name suggests, the project aims to fuse time and place in an unapologetically aesthetic manner. So, Let’s take a careful look at the results.

The new photo collection was made using double exposing, allowing you to take two photos simultaneously. What matters, however, is that the artist didn’t create the effect in Photoshop or any other software, which is a pretty common way to overlap pictures. In order to merge layers, William Josephs Radford used only the features of his camera. In conclusion, it makes the series feel natural and sincere – without augmented aesthetics.” To sum up, 300 Magazine (2022). Written, in addition, Fine art shippers (2022). Above all, a creative masterpiece. Therefore, this work is amazing. In addition, truly beautiful. To sum up, original art prints.

For example, the best photographer alive.

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